Security system is one of the most effective ways to secure your belongings. Today, number of security systems that are in the market, protects your belongings from theft and vandalism. The design or system you choose for safety and security of your belongings must be customized to meet your need.  security system by SPECT is specially designed to meet your need and eliminates drawback of old or outdated system  
Dome cameras
  Dome cameras are one of several main types of security surveillance cameras used in video surveillance system. It is obviously named for its dome shape. They can be manufactured using different technologies with distinct feature that distinguished them from all other camera. They have discrete design, which makes them very suitable for public places - coffee shops, bars, restaurants. The whole idea in their design is to ensure maximum security protection for the visitors and the staff without the disturbing look of surveillance cameras. At such places, the discrete look of security systems is of great importance. Because of its shape, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the camera is aiming unless you see it up close.
  IR Cameras Can able to capture images even in Dark, Lowlight areas
IR cameras are also called as Day night Camera
IR cameras are able to capture light from Electromagnetic spectrum.
That will allow creating the image even if there is little light.
IR Cameras are used by Military Personals, Parking Lots and in High Security Zones.
  Zoom cameras can be adjusted as per required view. It can be done by manual zoom with varifocal lens or remote zoom with powered zoom lens
  • Reduced system cost and added functionality due to general-purpose IP networking equipment infrastructure.
  • Lower cost of cabling in large installations (CAT5e instead of RG-59 coaxial cable ).
  • Reduced space requirements in large (many camera) CCTV setups because video switching and routing is done via computer and does not need physically large and expensive video matrix switchers.
  • Higher image resolutions (1.0 megapixel and higher)
  • One IP megapixel camera covers more area than an analog camera.
  • No additional video encoder hardware is required to convert analog video signals into digital data for recording onto hard drives
  • Capability for digital zoom of high-resolution megapixel images.
  • Ability to usePower over Ethernet allowing for one cable to handle power and data
  • Remote configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance
  • A single megapixel camera can offer 12- to 15-times higher resolution over a standard NTSC /PAL image
  C-mount security cameras are in a complete class of their own in the CCTV industry. They offer a more techy approach to video.
C-mount cameras from the start of the surveillance business has been the grand-father of CCTV cameras.
The main advantage to the C-Mount camera is the removable lens. You can replace the lens with anywhere from 2 to 50 millimeters,
C-mount cameras make excellent indoor cameras, but to be used outside they must be mounted in protective housings and with more secure brackets, to protect them from harsh weather conditions and the elements.
c-mount surveillance cameras have the greatest quality of any surveillance camera

CCTV cameras can be fixed or have pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) capabilities. Fixed cameras are mounted on a fixed bracket and cannot move in response to operator commands. PTZ cameras are motor driven and can pan left or right, tilt up or down, and zoom in and out. A camera housing protects the camera and lens from vandalism and the environment. It also can enhance the appearance of the camera installation and conceal the equipment from the casual observer. All outdoor cameras require a housing of some type. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) rates housings on their ability to withstand environmental conditions. Protection from cold, heat, dust, dirt, or other elements is needed to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the camera.

  • The Speed Dome Camera is an example of this new technology of surveillance systems.
  • A range of speed dome cameras and camcorders for a variety of applications is present in the market today.
  • These high speed dome cameras have been used in Remote Imaging.
  • The remote imaging is often useful to place a compact camera where a larger-bodied camera cannot be operated easily. For example, on the roof of a weather centre or in a remote part of a church where visitors are not permitted. Besides this these cameras are also used in Computer Imaging. These cameras are ideal
    for remote monitoring of business/industrial activities and leisure pursuits. Whenever an incident occurs, high quality images of these high speed dome cameras are important.
  • A high speed dome is able to make every movement be monitored with its 360°continuous pan rotation and 90° tilt scan range.
  Adopts high-efficiency video processing chip
Extra-low power consumption and high stability
Standard H.264,JPEG,MPEG4 video codec
CIF, 2CIF  4CIF real-time audio/video capturing and encoding
Support multiple cards plugged in PC
Motion detection
Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Linux operating system
·  Provide full SDK and demo source code
·  Support variable bit rate and frame rate
  • Sophisticated Network Functions: Remote surveillance, remote playback, remote recording, IE embedded (Optional);        
    Various recording mode: timer, motion detection, alarm, manual record and recording picture quality, resolution & recording frame rate configurable;  
  • Flexible Display Mode: Full screen, Quad, Nine split;
  • Multi-Mode searching: Time, Recording event (Alarm, Motion detection), recording list;
  • Triplex: Network, Recording and Playback simultaneously;
  • Easy backup: network backup, USB backup, and CD/DVD-RW backup;
  • Protocol: TCP/IP;
  • Support two lever user management, user rights authorized;
  • Support VGA output, directly connected to LCD;
  • Support mobiles surveillance by windows mobile;
  • Low stream, long recording time.
digital/matrix switcher
  A matrix switcher is a more complex design enabling the user to switch any video signal to any call-up monitor in a large-scale system. They normally incorporate PTZ control and other features such as preset and alarm inputs and outputs.
Camera Accessories
  If you are really looking to build a complete CCTV system, there is no way you can pass up these CCTV accessories. We have virtually everything you need to make your system complete. We feature security camera accessories such as connectors, lenses, camera housings, CCTV cable, power supplies, video baluns, power adapters, infrared lamp illuminators, video processors, and much more. All at our low, low prices. If you are an installer looking for a complete retail supplier, then we are perfect company. One more thing, we know that most people do not understand how most of the security camera accessories work, and that is why we offer a great after-the-sale support line. You can call us during business hours and talk to a consultant or tech and get a better perspective on what CCTV accessories you need.
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